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K-Rated Transformer

K-Rated Transformer

K-factor is defined as a ratio between the additional losses due to Harmonics and the Eddy current losses at 50Hz. K-Factor is defined as a ratio between the additional losses due to harmonics and the Eddy current losses at 50Hz. It is used to evaluate transformers for nonlinear loads. Transformers with a rated K-factor of 13, 20 and 30 are available.

Typically a K Factor of 13 is sufficient for most applications. K factor must be determined to calculate the right size transformer that is needed.

FARMAX has consolidated its position in transformer industry as one of the highest quality K-rated Transformer manufacturers in Bangalore. Our wide range of K-rated transformers are manufactured to meet the highest specifications and adhere to all the international standards.

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Coil design is optimized for low Eddy current loss and high harmonic current carrying capacity.
Cores designed for reduced flux densities to compensate for harmonic voltage distortion.
Equipment Malfunctioning.
Equipment Vibrations.
Breakers Tripping.
Lower Output impedance.
Excellent transverse mode Noise Attenuation.
Double size Neutral terminal.
Core of high quality electrical steel.

Rating 10KVA to 500KVA
Type of Transformer Floor mounted, Natural air-cooled /Forced air cooled
Configuration Delta / star 1:1 OR 2:1 (or as per user requirement specification)
Default Vector Group Dyn11
Type of lamination CRNO
Impedance phase 3-4%
Primary Voltage 415 V
Secondary voltage 415/220V
Neutral conductor rating 200%
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Winding Copper Wire / Strip or Aluminium wire / strip
Load Regulation Better than 3%
Class of insulation /level Class H /180 deg C
Ambient temperature 0-to 45 deg c
Efficiency 3 - 20 kVA (>95%), >20kVA (>97%)
Insulation Strength Withstands 2.5 kV for 1 minute (in between windings & in between windings and body)
DC galvanic isolation > 1000 Mega Ohms
Common Mode noise rejection Up to 10kHz > 100 dB
Indications LED Lamps for Output Presence Digital Voltmeter (DVM) - optional
Enclosure M.S. Enclosure provided with Input / Output terminations
Construction standards UL-1561, IS 11171