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Oil Cooled Servo Voltage Stabilizer

Oil Cooled Servo Volatge Stabilizer

The FARMAX Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizer offers a complete solution to tackle a wide range of input voltage. The stabilizers are rugged and proven over 16 years. Oil cooled stabilizer is available in a range from 30-2500 KVA.

FARMAX is famed for top-notch quality and high-performance Oil Cooled Servo Voltage Stablilizer manufacturers in Bangalore. FARMAX Servo Stabilizer undergo regular quality checks, including sub-assembly, baking, accelerated life test, etc. It is most suited for balanced and unbalanced loads requiring high voltage regulation.

FARMAX SCVS is suitable for CNC Machines, Printing machines, Medical equipments, Textile & Spinning mills, Cold Storage units, Food processing equipment, CT Scan, MRI machines, Retail outlets, Telecom, Restaurants and Office applications.

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Micro controlled based circuitry
All parameters can be modified using the keypad on the front panel
Fast correction rate
Total protections and control
No potentiometer adjustments
Set output voltage
Set output voltage sensitivity
Rugged AC synchronous motors
Output over / under voltage cut-off
Input over voltage / under voltage cut-off
Over load cut-off
Trip time delay adjustments with variable setting
Manual and auto start facility
Common control card - any capacity
Output start and stop facility

CAPACITY Oil Cooled 30 KVA to 2500 KVA
Input Voltage Range Standard 340 V to 460 V
Narrow range 360V to 460 V
Wide range 300V to 460 V
Specification Output Voltage 415 Volts ± 1%, line to line Nominal
Rate of Correction 70V / Sec line to line
Response Time 10 m sec.
Efficiency 98 %
Waveform distortion Nil
Effect of power factor Nil
Line Frequency 47 to 53 HZ
Control Type Digital Micro controller base
Operating temperature 0o C - 45o C Ambient
Nature of cooling ONAN
Protections Electronic over voltage trip

Electronic under voltage trip

Overload and short circuit protection

Single phasing prevention & cut off

Phase reversal protection & cut off

Metering LCD type Input voltage P-N

Output voltage P-P

Load current in all phases