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Oil Cooled Transformer

Oil Cooled Transformer

FARMAX Isolation transformer ensures complete isolation from the mains AC line, thereby reducing line transients and spikes. It also removes EMI / RFI Noise. Two symmetrical windings with electrostatic shield safeguards critical loads normally used in IT / Telecom, Medical Systems, Engineering sectors, etc.

FARMAX has gained the position of a reliable and proficient Oil cooled transformer manufacturers in Bangalore. Using high end technology, we design and manufacture oil cooled transformer specifications that match with the international standards. Oil cooled transformers manufactured by us are suitable to use with various industrial applications according to demand.

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The use of high insulating materials and special shielding techniques results in an attenuating common mode and minimizes transverse mode noise.
The core and its magnetic properties are properly selected to provide sufficient leakage inductance. This will give the greatest attenuation of normal mode power line noise possible, consistent with the transfer of fundamental power frequency, while all higher frequencies are blocked
Designed with split winding constructions and bifilar connections to reduce the overall capacitance of the winding
Due to the better regulation, it does not generate common mode impedance coupling effect
Protect against strong lightening, impulse noise, bus short-circuit, accidental discharge of capacitors, etc
Protect the Micro processor based machines and equipments from damage due to electrical noise, spikes etc.

Rating 10KVA to 2500KVA
Type of Transformer Floor mounted, oil cooled
Configuration Delta / star 1:1 OR 2:1 (or as per user requirement specification)
Default Vector Group Dyn11
Type of lamination CRNO
Impedance phase 3-4%
Primary Voltage 415 V 3Phasecs
Secondary voltage 415/220V 3 Phase
Neutral conductor rating 200%
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Winding Copper Wire / Strip or Aluminium wire / strip
Load Regulation Better than 3.5%
Class of insulation Class F
Ambient temperature 0-to 45 deg c
Power factor 0.75 lead to lag
Insulation Strength Withstands 2.5 kV for 1 minute (in between windings & in between windings and body)
Indications LED Lamps
Enclosure Oil tank provided with Input / Output terminations
Construction standards As per IS 2026 Part I & II