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Ultra Isolation Transformer

Ultra Isolation Transformer

A double wound transformer with multiple shielding for Capacitive or Faradic Isolation (reduction of capacitive coupling). This transformer has a very high attenuation of common mode transients, thus preventing passage of voltage transients, spikes and galvanic leakage in the common mode from reaching sensitive electronic equipment like computers, medical equipment and CNC machines. It also addresses problems related to poor input neutral. The Ultra Isolation transformer can be designed to provide output voltages to suit machine requirement.

Established more than a decade ago, we at FARMAX has gained the position of a reliable and proficient Ultra Isolation Transformer manufacturers in Bangalore. Achieving top-quality and precise functioning, our ultra isolation transformers are fabricated with high precision and are checked and rechecked for accuracy. These transformers are utilized for various applications.

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Protect Computers, CNC Machines and Telecommunication equipments from damage due to electrical noises, spikes etc.
If ground of the equipment cannot be earthed.
If the ground potential of system units is different from each other and are exposed to the effects of instability at high frequencies.
To shield large number of electronic equipment's which individually are producing different types of electrical noise at a common bus bar typically CNC machines, Drives, Hardening equipment, etc. The use of the NCT, being bidirectional, prevents damage due to circulating noise interference within them.
To Protect against strong lightening, impulse noise, bus short-circuit, accidental discharge of capacitors.

Rating 10KVA to 500KVA
Type of Transformer Floor mounted, natural air-cooled / Forced air cooled
Configuration Delta / star 1:1 OR 2:1 (or as per user requirement specification)
Default Vector Group Dyn11
Type of lamination CRNO
Winding Copper Wire / Strip or Aluminium wire / strip
Load Regulation Better than 3%
Class of insulation Class H
Efficiency 10-25kVA (>95%), >25kVA (>97%)
Insulation Strength Withstands 2.5kV for 1 minute (in between windings & in between windings and body)
DC galvanic isolation > 1000 Mega Ohms
Common Mode Attenuation 100 db/120db
Construction standards As per IS2026 Part I & II, IS 11171
Indications LED Lamps for Output Presence Digital Voltmeter (DVM) - optional
Enclosure M.S. Enclosure provided with Input / Output terminations